Freelance Grow: A Worker-Centred Design Fiction

This website is part of a research study that explores online freelancers’ views on Freelance Grow, a fictional freelancing company whose mission is to support freelancers in advancing their career through a new platform. We created this fiction to explore a model of online freelancing where the platform is designed to amplify freelancers’ preferences and career development.

We created Freelance Grow to encourage discussions with 23 online freelancers across 5 focus groups.

This research project is funded and organised by Northumbria University (Ethics ID 35707). This study has no relation or association with any freelancing company or platform. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at:

Visit the Freelance Grow website

Study Outputs

Our research findings will be presented at the Symposium on Human-Computer Interaction for Work (CHIWork). Download our paper.

Video presentation

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