Freelance Grow

A freelancing platform made by freelancers.

Our mission is to help you advance your freelance career. We are a cooperative – all freelancers have a say on how we operate.

What differentiates us from other platforms?

We put people first. At Freelance Grow, we value your work and believe that excellent peer support leads to outstanding results. Owned and run by freelancers, we attract and develop talent with training, benefits, and transparency. Together, we’re constructing the future of freelance work.

Rather than competing with other freelancers for jobs, our platform seeks to establish peer support connections to help each other grow. We match clients with talent that meets their project needs so that freelancers don't spend endless hours writing proposals and bidding for projects. Finally, our members can access unique benefits, such as paid time off and reimbursements for their work equipment. Scroll down to learn how to get started!

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We are for you if you are:

  • Tired of applying to hundreds of jobs with no response.
  • Working on platforms take too much commission for your work and tell you virtually nothing about how they operate behind the scenes.
  • Sick of investing too much time developing a reputation that is constrained by a specific platform.
  • Anxious about your reputation being ruined by an incompetent client.

Getting Started

Apprenticeship Programme

New freelancers join a paid apprenticeship period, consisting of completing three paid projects. This programme helps us assess your expertise. Also, it enables you to get familiar with how we operate and help you decide if we're the right fit for you.Upon completing the apprenticeship programme, you’ll become a member and be assigned to a level (see "How we work" below for more details about our levels).

Bring your reputation from other platforms

Suppose you have developed a reputation with another freelancing platform. In that case, you may be eligible to skip the apprenticeship programme and become a member right away. You'll have the option to share your other profiles during the sign-up process.

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Super Peer Support

Peer support is what makes our platform stand out from the competition. Once you become a member, we match you with a Super Peer – a freelancer in your field with experience on our platform. Super Peers can support you in accessing resources, giving you feedback on your portfolio, talking through problems, and many other things! We encourage you to set up regular catch-ups with your Super Peer.

As you gain experience on our platform, you'll have the option to become a Super Peer for new members joining us. Being a Super Peer benefits you in adding to your professional competencies, accessing training sessions, and getting unique badges to display on your profile. Further, Super Peers pay lower fees in every transaction as active contributors to the community!


How We Work

We regulate the market so that freelancers don't compete against each other for jobs but rather support each other to grow by giving constructive feedback and mentoring.

Our level system helps the platform adjust the supply and demand of talent, preventing market saturation. New freelancers may have to wait until spots are available, but once in, chances of landing jobs are much higher than the competition.

We consider three elements for our members to progress through the different levels:

  1. double-blind peer evaluations on project tasks;
  2. client reviews;
  3. your Super Peer feedback.

This approach is designed for our members to get quality feedback and advance their careers.


Freelancers new to the platform go through a paid apprenticeship period paid at an Entry Level rate.

Apprenticeships may be omitted for freelancers with a proven record on a competing platform.

Entry Level

The entry level is ideal for people starting as freelancers or embarking on a new career trajectory. Entry level freelancers develop skills like learning how to price projects, communicating effectively with clients, and growing field-specific abilities.

*Clients hiring entry-level freelancers will have budgets between $20-$300.

Mid Level

This level is for freelancers with proven experience in their field looking to advance their freelance careers. Freelancers at this level have excellent communication and collaboration skills. They can work through problems and deliver under pressure. This level is ideal for repeated, reliable work.

*Clients hiring mid-level freelancers will have budgets between $300-$1,000.

Expert Level

Top freelancers in their field belong to the expert level. These freelancers have sharp consulting skills and exceptional talent to advance clients' businesses. These talented professionals are perfect for designing and delivering entire projects that require complex analysis to drive impact. They typically engage with mid to long term projects.

*Clients hiring expert-level freelancers usually have budgets between USD $1,000-$10,000+.

*Estimated budgets vary depending on field and project type.


Our Evaluation System

At Freelance Grow, we believe that stars and percentages don't make justice to your expertise and reputation. Instead, clients leave you private constructive feedback to improve your services. You have control over what reviews you show on your profile. Most projects get evaluated by another freelance peer in your field of expertise. This is a double-blind evaluation. Your peer gives you actionable feedback to improve your services and hone your skills. These two separate evaluations get aggregated and give you points towards our freelancing levels.

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Evaluation figure

Your reputation travels with you

Unlike the competition, we encourage you to export your profile, portfolio, and reviews to advertise your services through other channels. In addition, we offer integration to platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, where you can quickly transfer your experience to different career opportunities.

You have control over what you want to export between your reviews, skills, and public projects. Download our reputation reports that you can display on your website or integrate with other platforms. You choose how much data you export.

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Unique AI-Powered Features

Meet your freelancing buddy. This powerful AI partner constantly analyses our platform and helps you identify the freelancing services that are trending. Also, it nudges you to adjust your prices according to these market trends.

Your buddy also makes suggestions to your profile, such as sentence wording, trending elements to feature in your portfolio, and what keywords clients are looking for that match your skills.

Buddy integrates with your favourite project management and productivity tools, helping you and your clients track projects, share files, and get things done. In addition, buddy can nudge your clients to respond to your messages and take action.

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1. Determine Project Needs


2. Suggest Top Freelancers

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3. Suggest Fair Price

Buddy Insights

Buddy Insights

Buddy Insights Dashboard

Buddy for Clients

Buddy works with clients to scope their project needs, short-list freelancers, and generate pricing insights. First, we use state of the art algorithms to help clients define their project needs. Then, our systems automatically suggest a small pool of freelancers that match the client's requirements. Buddy estimates a fair pay rate for the project, which is open for negotiation between the freelancer and the client.

Buddy uses metrics such as project timeline, expertise level, and hours required to match clients with potential freelancers.

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1. Determine Project Needs


2. Suggest Top Freelancers

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3. Suggest Fair Price


Fees & Benefits

We take fees from both client and freelancer transactions to cover:

Fees are up to 10% lower for freelancers who sign up as Super Peers and mentor newcomers!

Freelancers can access extra optional benefits once they become members. You have control over the benefits you want to access. Additional perks take up a higher percentage of transactions.

Optional perks you can sign up to:

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